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solidThinking Activate enables product creators, system simulation and control engineers to model, simulate and optimize multi-disciplinary systems. By leveraging model based development, ensure that all design requirements are successfully met while also identifying system level problems early in the design process.

As a first release Activate 2016 provides the best-in-class, modern user experience including:

  • Model based development of hybrid systems
  • Hierarchical, parameterized multi-disciplinary modeling environment
  • Ability to mix signal-based and physical (Modelica) components in the same diagram
  • Easily extensible, built-in block libraries including library management
  • Model exchange or co-simulation through the Functional Mock-Up interface
  • State-of-the-art co-simulation with multi-body dynamics
  • Ease of compiling models into executable code

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“solidThinking Activate not only provides a modern user experience for simulating hybrid systems but also empowers users to mix signal-based and physical (Modelica) components in the same diagram!”

Ramine Nikoukhah
Development Director, Altair Engineering


Modeling and Simulation


Modern User Interface
Drag, drop and connect paradigm to rapidly construct models.

Build Diagrams Intuitively
Multiple window configuration with the ability to modify diagrams between windows using the drag-and-drop and copy-and-paste operations. Support for concurrent loading of multiple models in a session.

Hybrid Modeling
Drag, drop and connect paradigm to rapidly construct models.


Multi-Disciplinary Modeling
Real-world systems are multi-domain in nature. Activate allows users to model and simulate the combined system behavior of real world systems with support for multiple domains such as Mechanical, Electrical and so on.

Hierarchical & Parametric Modeling
Build hierarchical component-based models of the real world system using signal based and physical modeling libraries.

Mix Signal-based and Modelica Blocks
Build hierarchical component-based models of the real world system using signal based and physical modeling libraries.

Block Library and Management


Built-in Extensive Block Library
Beyond 200 pre-defined blocks available in a library system of palettes. Easily extensible. Support for custom blocks using C or math scripts.

Physical Component Modeling Using Modelica
Easily extend the capability of Activate using Modelica. A better way to model physical components is to use implicit blocks in which the behavior of the blocks is specified through symbolic equations. Modelica, which is a standard in component level modeling is supported natively in Activate for acausal modeling.

Create Super Blocks
When modeling large or complex systems, easily create super blocks by encapsulating multiple blocks in a diagram into a single block. Super blocks are modular, reusable, can be masked and fundamentally behave like regular blocks allowing users more flexibility.


Super Blocks to C-blocks
With just a few clicks, Activate users can also convert super blocks to C-blocks!

Library Management
Easily create components and assemble custom applications. Use Activate’s library manager to create and edit custom libraries. Activate also provides an IDE along with API functions for users to further leverage library management.

Optimization and Co-simulation


Model Exchange and Co-simulation via Functional Mock-up Interface (FMI)
Activate supports the FMI 2.0 standard for both model exchange and co-simulation of dynamic models. Further, Activate also allows import and export of FMU (Functional Mock-up Unit). FMUs can be used in context to model exchange or co-simulation.

Co-simulation with Multi-body Dynamics
The co-simulation interface lets users simulate a complex system that includes a multi-body system (MBS) and one or more control subsystems. In order to effectively simulate the entire system, the MBS is simulated with Multi-body Dynamics solver while the control subsystem is simulated with solidThinking Activate.

Hybrid simulator
Robust, accurate and high performance numerical solvers that solve dynamic systems including continuous, discrete-time and event based behavior. Standard DAE/ODE solvers. Variable step/fixed step; Explicit/Implicit methods. Zero-crossings, modes and hot/cold restart management to optimize performance.


BOBYQA optimizer in reverse communication mode. Easy to setup optimization problems directly inside your models. No need to consider external tools. Better performance compared to traditional “external tool” driven optimization.


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